To get the WDS server to support deploying to UEFI hardware you need to set a different filnema in DHCP options.

This is the config I ended up with in my ISC DHCP subnet :

subnet netmask {

# Foreman Provisioning for Linux
#filename "/pxelinux.0";

# WDS for BIOS
#filename "boot\\x64\\wdsnbp.com";

# WDS for UEFI
filename "boot\\x64\\wdsmgfw.efi";

This way I can easily switch between the deployment type i need by commenting out the two others.

NOTE: This is only a section of the subnet config regarding WDS, there are other options and settings that need to be configured in the subnet clause for the DHCP Server to function

NOTE: It is possible to create DHCP policies that will detect if the dhcp client is UEFI or Legacy BIOS system and then PXE boot to the correct environment based on that, but that still does not give me the freedom to select Foreman provisioning as above.

More information about how to do that here:

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